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Switching Back to Old Notifications on Karmic

One of the big changes recently in Ubuntu was that the notifications system was changed. I'm still not sure why this was a big thing, but that's probably because I've been using the old style notifications for a while. I use them to let me know when I have mail, when things have downloaded, etc. Since they've been around for a while there's lots of modules and libraries for the various scripting languages I use. I also use them for letting me know when Junit tests complete or SQL scripts finish.

I've read that other people on the Internet seem to prefer the old style ones, so here's how to get the old-style notifications back...

sudo apt-get install gnome-stracciatella-session libnotify-bin

(Or use the GUI tool for this if you wish)

Then log out of Gnome, and then log back in again. This time, make sure you select ""GNOME (without Ubuntu specific components)". You'll be logged into the familiar Gnome desktop.

Now try the following command:

notify-send "hello"

You should get the old-style notifications back again. For more details, see the relevent webpage.

There will also be a new item in the System -> Preferences menu called "Pop-up Notifications". This should allow you to change the location and appearance of notifications. (I'm not 100 % sure where this comes from as I've had it for a while. The command to install gnome-stracciatella-session should install this as well. But let me know if it doesn't...)

For volume up/down notifications, this reverts back to the "HUD Effect". Again, I prefer this effect to the "new-style" notifications version. The rest of Gnome seems to work fine, and hopefully this shouldn't affect any future upgrading you. I so far haven't seen any clashes with the Ubuntu gubbins so it all seems ok.

Happy Notifying...!

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